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Everything has to be scaled down to suit the screen size without losing quality. Making part of the layout disappear is common practice. Changes can also depend on holding the device in portrait or landscape mode.


Mobile devices are often used on a 3G data connection. Removing features such as background images, photos or even some text when creating a single column layout will improve download speed.


Mobile devices are controlled by fingers and thumbs! Buttons and navigation must be made large enough to be able to "click" without irritation to the user.


Some traditional sites use large navigation drop-down menus. These will need completely re-designing to function on mobile devices without cluttering the


An estimated 25% of all online shopping is being conducted on smart phones. Making your online shop adapt to this small display is essential for all online retailers.


The development techniques required will take longer than a traditional static site. Responsive design requires building a custom solution for each screen size.

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