Is the main reason to have a website to attract new customers?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Before we start designing your website we meet with you to create an online marketing strategy to attract the right kind of visitors for your business. Our strategies look to increase the prominence of your pages in organic search results thereby increasing the number of visitors to your website. We start with keyword and key-phrase research which aims to get the right traffic to your website. What would you type into Google to find your product or service?

Search engines need to deliver the most relevant pages with the best information for their users!

What are search engines looking for?

Content Search engines expect accurate titles and descriptions that correspond with high quality content. Search engines now understand topics and phrases’ so staying on theme is important. Investing your time in writing the best possible content will pay dividends.

Structure Simple to understand navigation will define a good site structure. Optimising page names and folders as well as image tags will help spiders crawl and index pages correctly.

Performance Broken links, known as the 404 page error, and the time taken for each page to be crawled will incur penalties by search engines. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes can affect page ranking.

User Experience Search engines can measure the amount of time visitors spend on your pages. Create interesting content, a structured layout and where possible videos to connect with your visitors.

Accessibility It is essential that pages follow correct Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for visitors that are visually impared using text-to-voice web browsers. HTML 5 addresses many of these issues using new techniques to clearly define all sections of a web page.

Up-to-date The best way to have fresh content on your website is to have a blog or forum. Blogs are great for social networking and in turn provide more links back to your own website. Forums, such as product reviews, invite instant and topical interaction with your visitors and customers.

What are search engines NOT looking for?

Keyword stuffing Search engines expect quality over quantity so repetition of keywords is regarded as spamming. This type of technique termed 'black hat' will get your website penalised very quickly. This applies to the title, meta tags and sub headings as well as on-page content.

Duplicate Content You may reference other peoples work on your pages but content that is copied verbatim is unlikely to get indexed.

Text in images Search engines cannot see images therefore any text placed into an image cannot be read.

Nobody can tell you for certain the exact details of Google’s algorithm. It is a very complex and closely guarded secret! SEO experts can offer their best advice based on experience. Every page on your website is a potential landing page which must be treated with the same level of importance as your home page.

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Google offers a best practice guide to help point webmasters in the right direction.

Google Local Create a local business page to quickly gain presence on local search results. Please read these quality guidlines before you create your listing or to check your listing is compliant.

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By providing a complete service we can create websites to our clients’ absolute satisfaction. Every aspect of each job is efficiently managed and we work hard to find solutions to technical challenges.

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