Is your website a rich and interactive experience?

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User experience is considered subjective: what is aesthetically pleasing to one person is disliked by another.

Your website doesn’t have very long to grab the visitors attention before they decide to stay or leave. It should be focused on your target demographic and should answer all the questions your potential customers may have.

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Designing websites that immediately engages the visitor and takes them through an experience is critical to success. The first thing you see (above the fold) on a web page should immediately entice visitors to stay and have a look around.

Using the right images and copy should tell a visitor there in the right place and should find all the information they need.

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Every business has a target demographic. Some buying decisions are based on emotion, some on research of information and features. Some people want value for money whilst others want quality and service.

If you offer a product or service that appeals to opposing demographics you should write separate pages targeted to each, it's better to laser target your ideal customer rather than fire a shotgun and hope that you hit something.

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Designing a user experience for business-to-business is much the same as B2C. Businesses are run by individuals who are looking to either make their life easier, require good quality or high volumes and need to trust that your offer will meet their requirements.

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Newspapers and magazines are "thumbed" before deciding which articles to engage with. Web pages are exactly the same. Headlines and images must have ability to engage and benefit your visitors.

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Sales letters rarely open with an offer. They address concerns, identify with problems and the personal experiences as well as the benefits to the readers. Using the 'YES' principle throughout your copy is more likely to convert visitors into customers. Understanding or testing the user experience design is important to rate your website on usability, functionality, content and branding.

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